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          Kelly and Terry are the Slightly Damaged Duo. They are original members of the Slightly Damaged Band, which was founded in the Shoals in 2005 by lead guitarist and singer/songwriter Terry McDaniel aka Terry Frank. Kelly Cole joined the band shortly after its creation to play rhythm guitar and share frontman responsibilities with Terry. After several years of successful performances, they decided to take a break from the pace and focus on other things in life. They have come back together to perform once again with a new perspective on their musical sound and a new song list. They both sing and play guitar, which makes them a natural at acoustic performances. They also display a gracious vocal harmony together that is sure to please. This show is entertaining and laid back, perfect for a large variety of different venues and gatherings.

Not all acoustic shows are created equal. One is

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Terry  (256) 436-9408

Kelly  (256) 762-1464


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